What's new this Spring?

Resources for School Leads
CEC’s Detroit Schools Guide provides transparent, actionable information to help parents navigate Detroit’s education landscape. In spring 2020, CEC will be launching a completely redesigned Detroit Schools Guide website. This new mobile-friendly site will allow parents to:
  • Search for schools based on their families’ needs
  • Compare schools and save favorites
  • Find resources with helpful tips
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Only the lead contact is able access the portal to edit the content listed on the school's profile page of the Detroit Schools Guide. 

Each school is only allowed one lead contact (however, one lead can be assigned to multiple schools).

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2019-2020 Version
2020-2021 Version

New School Profiles

Based on parent and educator feedback, CEC has added new fields to the School Profile this year to give parents a better understanding of what each school has to offer:

Accepting New Students*

Schools will note the grades for which they are accepting new students so that parents have a better understanding of whether there will be an open seat for their child. For more information about this data point, click here.


Schools will be able to upload up to 6 images to showcase their school. CEC asks that at least one of these images be taken of the front entrance of the building (standing roughly 40-feet from the front door). Other images could be of classrooms, central office, students, teachers, etc. All images must adhere to the following: jpg file, 72dpi, under 500kb

School Leader

Parents feel that the school leader is an important reflection of the school. Schools will upload a photo of the leader, as well as a brief bio.

Academics & Activities

Schools will check off which academic supports and activities they offer, as well as have space to describe their offerings in an open text box.


Schools will be able to name (and upload logos!) their top partners that work with them to support students and families.

And more!

Start filling out your profile today to see all the new fields.

*Accepting New Students

New to the guide this year, CEC will ask schools to note which grades are accepting new students for the upcoming school year (2020-2021). This is critical for parents who want to be sure that they can find an open seat for their child. In the search process, parents will have the option to filter out schools that are not accepting new students for their child’s grade.

Schools will be able to update this information at any time via the portal. CEC will send out reminders to update the information at least 4x per year (March, June, September, December).

School Profile Quick Glance

We Need Your Help​​

We are beginning to collect information for the updated website!  Below, you’ll find important information about submitting your information for the schools guide.

Why is this important?

Families across Detroit struggle to find helpful, actionable information when searching for schools. The Detroit Schools Guide addresses that gap and helps match families with schools that meet their needs.

WIth the Detroit Schools Guide, CEC seeks to support a family-first education ecosystem in which parents and caregivers have access to information and resources that help them make the best decisions for their children.

How do I submit updated information?

CEC will be collecting updated information through an online portal. Each school will have one lead contact that has access to the portal to update school information (this year's lead contact is currently the staff that was assigned based on information gathered during 19/20). Each lead contact will receive an email with the portal log-in information.

Use the search tool at the top of the page to identify your lead.

When do I need to submit my school's information?

ll school profile information should be submitted by Friday, April 3. You do not need to fill out your profile in one sitting! You can save your progress and return to it at a later point.

What will I see when I log in to the portal?

The lead contact will see a form containing all the fields that they need to complete for the profile. For schools that were listed in last year’s schools guide, the school’s old information will be pre-populated in some fields. Please review and make edits where necessary.


How long will this take?

There are a number of new fields this year for schools to fill out, including an ability to upload images of your school.

We estimate that it will only take30 minutes to complete a school profile,but it may take longer to gather all required information (photos, “points of pride” description, etc.). Don’t leave this to the last minute!

What happens if I don't submit information?

If you do not submit your information, CEC will pull whatever public information is available about your school for the Detroit Schools Guide site and post a partially completed profile. This will not include information like “Points of Pride” and activity offerings that help showcase why your school is unique.

What do I do if I don't see my school listed in the Lead Contact search?

Email info@detroitschoolsguide.org and we'll create a school profile for you. 

Please remember that the Detroit Schools Guide only includes traditional district and charter schools that are located within the Detroit city limits.

How frequently can I update the school's information?

Schools can update their information at any point via the portal. School information will be refreshed on the website on a weekly basis.

CEC will send out reminders to update information four times during the year (March, June, September, December).